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The Staff Team

At Ayscoughfee we offer a fully qualified, experienced and caring teaching staff, backed up by a skilled support team. The staff's dedication to the school is reflected in the quality of education provided.

Full time staff are supported and enhanced by specialist teachers for French,Spanish  Physical Education, ICT and Music. In addition, several parents give their time as "helpers" within the classes, especially in hearing children read.

The wisdom, loyalty and commitment of all the staff together with their caring, understanding and individual approach to every child, is our greatest strength and we strive to maintain continuity and stability in this area.



Mrs Clare Ogden


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Sally Chester


Senior Teacher

Mrs Theresa Wright



Mrs Emma Gibson


Class Teachers & Assistants


Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs Suzanne Strickson



Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Mrs Clare Climo



Reception Teacher

Mrs Emily Patman

  Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Becky Forster


Year 1  Class Teacher

Mrs Jackie Jeffries


Year 1  Teaching Assistant

Miss Tori Grundy


Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Sally Chester


Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss Louise Meachen


Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Zilya Periam


Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs Sue Cook


Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs Sue Wayman


Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs Theresa Wright 


Junior Teaching Assistant

Mrs Caron Hendry


Class Helper

Mrs Rosemary Sneath

Junior Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kate Naylor


French & Spanish

Junior Teaching Assistant

Mrs Helen O'Rourke

 Helen O'Rourke
 Specialist Teachers      

ICT & Boys PE Teacher

Mr Ralph Hutton


PE Teacher 

Ms Zoe Lawniczak


Music Teacher 

Mrs Sue  McDonald


Learning Support Teacher

Mrs Teresa O'Leary

 Theresa O'Leary

Kids Club

Mrs Elizabeth Everett


Kids Club Assistant 

Mrs Karen Dakin


Support Staff


School Secretary

Mrs Tammy Staples


Mrs Joanne Wade

Admin Assistant


 Joanne Wade


Mr David Bratley



Housekeeping Supervisor

School Housekeeper

School Housekeeper



Mrs Trudy Roberts

Mrs Susan Brudenell

Mrs Paula Vaz


Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Margaret Green


Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Catherine McCorry


Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Rosemary Wood


Lunchtime Supervisor & Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Howard





Lunchtime Server

Mrs Lyn Courtman






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