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The aim of our Reception class is to create a happy, stimulating and safe environment in which the children can develop and thrive. Teaching is through a cross curricular approach which follows the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage in which there are seven areas of learning. The children are observed regularly through work and play activities so that next steps for learning can be identified.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development
This area of learning encourages children to gain confidence to try new activities, form strong relationships, initiate ideas, work as part of a group and understand people's needs and feelings. The children develop these skills during  their lessons and during play and lunchtimes. 


Language and Literacy
The children read individually to an adult every day using the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme. The 'Jolly Phonics' and 'Letters and Sounds' schemes are also used to develop a strong phonic knowledge that will assist them with their reading and writing. The children visit the library regularly in order to share and enjoy a wide range of rhymes, poetry, stories and non-fiction books during their library time and also learn some early library skills. Stories, rhymes discussion, role play and games are used dily to promote good writing skills. The children begin to develop independent sentence writitng during the reception year.


Mathematical Development
This area of learning includes counting, calculating, shape, space and measures and problem solving. Mathematical concepts are developed through stories, songs, games and imaginative play.


  Understanding of the World
Children begin to develop questioning skills and broaden their knowledge and an understanding of the world around them. Concepts of a historical, geographical and scientific nature are investigated through cross curricular links. The children investigate using their senses, identify living things during their environmental walks, and find out about past and present events in their lives and people they know.Children in Reception have opportunities to use the classroom computer and Interactive White Board to gain confidence and familiarity with technology.


 Physical Development

In the Reception Year children have weekly lessons in music and movement and PE with a specialist teacher. They also have regular opportunities to use equipment inside and outside the classroom to promote and develop gross and fine motor skills.


 Expressive Arts and Design

This area includes art, music, role-play and imaginative play. The children have many opportunities to explore colour, texture and 2D and 3D shape throughout their artwork. Music is taught by a specialist teacher, and includes singing, using instruments and making sound patterns.



The children use imaginative play and lessons to explore story structures and express their ideas and opinions. Every opportunity for children to communicate is taken. For example the children visit the local market to talk to stallholders and also visit Greggs for tea.

The children have a weekly French lesson taught by a specialist teacher. They learn to count and converse through songs and games.


Reception Curriculum


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