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What the pupils say


 "I like my school because it's friendly,fun and everyone cares about you."

"The amazing Ayscoughfee Hall school is really a great school. We do a lot of sport which l really like. We do netball,cross country,football and lots,lots more."

   "In each year we get to go on different trips. The best ones are in Year 5 and 6, you get to go to Hilltop in Norfolk and France. In Hilltop you get to do lots of different,fun activities and in France you learn about the war and at the end of the day you get to do fencing, rock climbing and archery."
  "When l was in Year 4 we started to have hot dinners by Wiloughby Farm,they are really yummy! We all used to line up and it took ages for us to have our lunches, but now we play until it is our classes turn to go in, thanks to School Council." 

" In our school teachers are helpful to children.Teachers help us in every subject to boost our learning skills. They have their own staffroom to get marking done."

"We have many different and interesting teachers who make learning fun. Throughout the year they have training days so their brains are in tip top condition."

   "The school playground is such fun. There is a trimtrail, with lots of great things on it,especially the monkey bars. We also have play equipment, my favourite are the bouncy hoppers."
   "Year 6 have really good jobs that are done by prefects. Holding doors at morning break and lunch, playground help which is getting the toys out and last but not least infant help which includes getting their milk and lining up and playing with them."

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