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Ayscoughfee Hall School


Hall School

11 +

Ayscoughfee Hall School feeds into a number of other schools in the area. Every child is an individual with different strengths and it is important to understand that they will be gifted in different ways. For example one child may be amazing at sport or music whilst another may be academically gifted. It is really important when choosing a school for your child’s future to ensure it is suitable and that your child will be happy and progress in that environment.

Children sit the 11+ for entrance to all Lincolnshire Grammar Schools. Year 6 children are tested using the GL Assessment Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning test papers in September. These two tests are completed under test conditions at the Spalding Grammar and Spalding High School, usually a week apart. Parents/carers are informed by letter of the standard attained in the 11+ tests by mid October. This knowledge then enables the successful completion of the Secondary School Preference Form to be submitted later the same month. The Local Education Authority administers the whole 11+ procedure and it is they who will inform you of your child’s School place in late February/March.

As a school we prepare the children by starting bite size practice from Year 3 upwards so the children are familiar with the type and style of questioning. Children are given workbooks to use and in Year 5 children have 1 hour a week fun tuition and practice. As the papers are sat at the start of term, a few holiday sessions are run at the end of the Summer holiday to re-engage the children. These are optional and offered as extra support.

11+ Pass Rate

This will vary from year to year depending on the cohort as we are a non selective school.

Year                     Pass Rate for 11+
2023 80%
2022 94%
2021 100%
2020 93%
2019 79%
2018 91%
2017 89%
2016 85%
2015 100%
2014 83%

The Average Pass Rate over the last 3 years is 91%

The Average Pass Rate over the last 5 years is 89%  




Welland Hall, London Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2TE

Tel: 01775 724733

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