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Indian Experience Day

Year 6 have had a fantastic visit from Sunita to lead our 'Indian Experience Day' as part of our term's topic. The children participated in a re-telling of the story of Rama and Sita, impressing us with their enthusiastic actions and dramatic voices, and then went to the hall for Indian dance. Once there, they all dressed up in beautiful Indian clothing and jewellery and were ready to learn some new dance moves. The children were quick to learn and thoroughly enjoyed the different actions and dances.
The children then learnt all about the Hindu faith and found out about different Gods and Hindu worship. They listened incredibly attentively and asked excellent questions to help further their understanding.
Having learnt all about the Hindu faith, the children had the opportunity to sample some Indian food. They were treated to a tasting banquet of bhajis, naans, poppadum, curries, samosas and rice dishes and they all really enjoyed trying different flavours.
In the afternoon, it was time to get creative and the children were shown how to produce beautiful Rangoli patterns. Using chalk, they marked out the colours to ensure the pictures were symmetrical and then blended the pastels to create different effects. With a countdown to the reveal, they all enjoyed seeing the pattern which lay beneath the stencil and were so amazed by the outcome. They are now on display around the school.

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