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Year 6 Trip to The Gentlemen's Society

Children from Year 6 had the opportunity to visit the Gentlemen's Society, to learn about its history and see the amazing variety of artefacts which they have on display. The children were fascinated to learn about how the society was founded and the fact that early membership cost a pound, or a donation of a book of equivalent value, to join. They learnt about some of the famous members of the society, which included Isaac Newton and even Erasmus Darwin, Charles Darwin's grandfather. The children saw so many amazing artefacts - some of the favourites included: a tiny book, so small that you could hardly read the words; a model ship; a tiny carriage; and the tidal clocks to help know when to cross at Fosdyke Bridge. The children also saw fossils from mammoths and megalodons and artefacts from Egypt. It was fantastic to see them building upon their work on evolution and seeing first hand evidence of the fossil record of extinct animals. The Year 6 children displayed excellent behaviour and asked many insightful questions to help them learn from the past which really impressed the museum curators. Well done, Year 6. 

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