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We follow the guidelines and principles of the National Curriculum in all subjects but as a private school, we go far beyond the basic requirements in order to give each child a broader, more varied understanding.

The vast majority of our pupils are successful in the Lincolnshire County Council selection examination and progress to secondary “Grammar” school education very well equipped to tackle all subjects.In fact, our pass rate to such schools has averaged over 80% for the past ten years, a record which we believe is one of the best in the country.


All children are continually assessed by formal and informal testing and written reports are produced termly. In addition, we have formal parent evenings in both the Autumn and Spring terms when parents can discuss the progress of their child with their form teacher. However, if you wish to discuss any matter outside of these times, please make an appointment to see the Class Teacher after school hours.


The curriculum is continually reviewed and upgraded if necessary with advice from the subject co-ordinators.   We are flexible in our approach in order to enhance the educational achievements of all our children.


   External visits to a variety of sites are arranged by staff in order to support the study of certain topics. A school visit is valuable, not only in giving an extra dimension to classroom topics, but in building confidence, independence and enhancing social skills. Furthermore, regular visits by professional groups and individuals take place in school.   There are performances by theatre groups, poets, musicians and writers. All classes make at least one visit per year to places of interest relevant to the topics the children are covering.Permission slips are sent out and detailed risk assessments are compiled and adhered to for each outing.     

The School excels with its music and drama productions over the academic year, in which all children perform in front of their parents.  

    Homework is given daily from Year 1 to Year 6 and should never take more than approximately:

Year 1 - 20 minutes
Year 2 - 20 minutes
Year 3 - 25 minutes
Year 4 - 30 minutes
Year 5 - 35 minutes
Year 6 - 40 minutes

All children are sent home with a reading book and encouraged to read with their parents on a daily basis.

Early Years Foundation Stage

  In the Early years department we base our learning on The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. We provide the children with a safe happy environment which allows the children to develop a positive approach to learning through a curriculum based on play. It is through play that children develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally. 
  In the Reception class there is a progression from Kindergarten across the seven areas of learning both indoors and outdoors.

In a happy secure environment each child can develop and explore and learn through a variety of stimulating activities. Importance is placed on developing reading and writing skills as well as involvement in more play-based activities.

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