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 A School Day  

Children begin to arrive at school from 8.00am onwards if they are going into Kids Club. Most children arrive at 8.40am when the gate opens for them to go on the playground. The Headteacher is at the gate to greet all the children and speak to parents. Parents of Kindergarten and Reception class take their child to their class to drop off their belongings and talk to their teacher if needed. The children then go to their classes to read quietly or finish any work until the school day officially begins at 8.55am when the bell is rung.  We have eight classes with a maximum of 20 children in each class. 


Twice a week, the whole School meets from 9 -9.30am, for Assembly. There is a theme for the week often linked to a key Christian value. The Monday assembly introduces the theme which will be revisited by class teachers during the week. We also sing to children and staff who have birthdays that week. A song and prayer are also incorporated. Friday assembly is a celebration of success when we revisit our theme and also find out what has been achieved during the week in terms of learning. Class teachers announce their Stars of the Week and the Head Teacher's award and Golden dustpan award is also given out. The weekly winner of the brainteaser competition is also announced. We encourage children to share with us achievements from outside school. House and Sports points are awarded.


Morning Lessons
The first lesson starts at 9.00 or 9.30am (Monday and Friday). Teachers will check pupils planners /reading records to ensure children are completing their homework and nightly reading. All parents are asked to listen to their child read every night from Year R to 5 and to check homework is completed and sign diaries weekly. The first lesson leads up to morning break. Break is 20 minutes long, with milk available; children may bring in a healthy snack and are free to play. There follows another lesson, until lunch which starts at 12.20pm in the Main Hall. Lunchtime is 60 minutes long and pupils are able to play until their class is invited in for lunch. Children can have a hot freshly prepared lunch provided by Willoughby Food or bring their own packed lunch.


Afternoon Lessons
Following a five minute registration at 1.20pm, there are afternoon lessons ending at 3.20pm. Children may then be collected to go home. Infant parents collect their children in the playground while Junior children will come to the gate. However, a significant number of children choose to stay for after school clubs which run from 3.20-4.30pm. Children sign up for these clubs at the start of the term.

For safety reasons, children should not be brought to school before 8.40 a.m. in the morning or left uncollected at 3.20 p.m., unless they are being supervised in Kids’ Club. Parents must notify the School (preferably in writing) if their child is being collected by somebody other than themselves or usual carer.





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